Terms & Conditions


(1) You ,(“Mentee”) Details entered as per registration form.

(2) B & B Cole LTD T/A Self Made, 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT (“Mentor”);


A. The Mentee wishes to access the Mentor in order to gain guidance and support for its development.

B. The parties agree that the relationship between them shall be as set out in this agreement.

IT IS AGREED as follows:

  1. The Services

1.1 The Mentor has agreed to provide prerecorded masterclasses & mentoring services to the Mentee listed on https://selfmadementoring.uk/price-table

1.2 The services will consist of meetings and/or phone calls and/or email or other written communications between the Mentor and the Mentee from time to time, the exact content, frequency and duration of which will be as agreed between the Mentor and the Mentee.

1.3 The Mentor shall not at any time be obliged to provide or continue to provide any mentoring services to the Mentee, but if and to the extent that it does so, such services will be provided at an agreed cost.

1.4 The Mentee shall not at any time be obliged to request or receive mentoring services from the Mentor.

1.5 The existence of this agreement shall not prevent the Mentor and the Mentee entering into a new and separate agreement whereby the Mentor provides services to the Mentee on a fee-paying basis, but if such an agreement is entered into, it shall replace and supersede this agreement, which will automatically terminate.

1.6 1-2-1 sessions must be used within 6 months of first payment.

  1. Liability

2.1 The Mentee shall not at any time be obliged to act on any information, suggestion, advice or guidance given by the Mentor as part of the services, but if and to the extent that it does so, it shall do so at its own risk. The Mentee hereby unconditionally and irrevocably waives any rights of action it may have as against the Mentor in relation to any such information, suggestions, advice or guidance.

2.2 The Mentee is advised to take independent financial, legal or other appropriate professional advice before acting on any information, suggestion, advice or guidance given by the Mentor.

2.3 The Mentor will not be liable to the Mentee or to any third party for any loss, damage, costs or liabilities suffered as a result of this agreement, the existence of the relationships between the parties or the services provided. Nothing in this clause shall limit or exclude any liability for death or personal injury, or which results from fraud.

  1. Fees

3.1 The Mentee agrees to pay: 

Self Made Start Up – £497 one off or 6 monthly instalments of £97.

Self Made Start – £1397 one off or 6 monthly instalments of £249.

Self Made Grow – £2797 one off or 6 monthly instalments of £499.

Self Made Accelerate – £6997 one off or 6 monthly instalments of £1250..

If the instalment has not been paid, then the Mentor reserves the right to terminate this agreement on giving 48 hours written notice to the Mentee. Upon termination the full fee for the full fee will be due.

3.2 If a payment has failed or has been missed or skipped, you will incur an initial late payment charge as per schedule below (per missed or late payment) and a charge thereafter for every time the late payment is chased by the team via phone or email until the payment has been made and the account is brought up to date.

3.3 The mentee can terminate the agreement at any time before the end of the agreed term for a fee of:

Self Made Start Up £297

Self Made Start £497

Self Made Grow £697

Self Made Accelerate £997

You may NOT terminate your agreement if you have used any of your 1-2-1’s. We reserve the right to charge £497 per 1-2-1 used or the full balance of the mentoring programme.


Charge Type

Charge (Net of VAT)


Change Method of Payment


This fee is the administrative cost required to amend a payment schedule created by a Self Made Mentee

Change Payment Due Date


The confirmed schedule payment due date is the last working day of the month. This fee is in relation to changing/ altering that date to an alternative.

Change of Self Made Agreement


This is the administrative fee to making alterations to our Self Made Mentoring Agreement.

Insufficient funds to meet direct debit or standing order

£50.00 for the first time, additional £50.00 for every payment retry

This fee is charged when you have insufficient funds in your account to meet a direct debit or standing order

Cancellation of Direct Debit or Standing Order

£299.00 if cancelled within the agreement term

This is the fee charged when a direct debit or standing order is cancelled without prior agreement.

Arrears Telephone Call

£50.00 Per Call until resolved

This is the administrative cost of calling in relation to late payments/arrears, it is chargeable per call and includes missed calls.

Arrears Email

£50.00 Per Week Until Issue is resolved

This is the administrative cost of Emailing in relation to late payments/arrears

Arrears Final Demand Letter

£100.00 Cost for Admin to Send Final Notice Letter

This is the administrative cost of drafting and sending out the late payment/arrears final notice letter and each subsequent time it’s been sent out

Copy of Agreement Cost

100.00 to resend Mentoring agreement in relation to arrears

The cost of emailing a copy of your Self Made Agreement when relating to Late Payments, Cancellations or Arrears. You will be charged interest on late payments for each week the payment has not been made at the rate listed above.

  1. Term

4.1 This agreement will continue in force for six months or until terminated by B & B Cole with written notice sent to the email address given above.

  1. Confidentiality

5.1 The Mentee may not use or mention the Mentor’s name, logo or any other intellectual property of the Mentor in any of their publicity materials or in any announcement, without the prior written consent of the Mentor

5.2 The Mentee and the Mentor will keep in strict confidence the existence and content of this agreement and the Mentee shall keep confidential all information, suggestions, advice or guidance provided by the Mentor to it as part of the services.

5.3 All parties will keep in strict confidence all and any information of a confidential nature which it obtains about either of the other parties as a result of the arrangements contemplated by this agreement. This clause shall not apply in relation to any information that is already available in the public domain other than as a result of a breach of this clause by any party

5.4 The mentee agrees not to share course recordings with any third party.

5.5 If the mentee shares their log in details or recordings with any third party they agree to pay B&B Cole LTD £9997.

  1. Miscellaneous

6.1 Nothing in this agreement is intended to, or shall be deemed to, constitute a partnership or joint venture of any kind between any of the parties, nor constitute any party the agent of another party for any purpose.

6.2 A person who is not a party to this agreement shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

6.3 This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law, and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

6.4 Clauses 2, 4 and 5 shall survive termination of this agreement.

  1. The Self Made Promise

Our promise to you is that you’ll achieve 6 figures in your business within 18 months if you follow the programme as per our guidelines.

  1. You must have a product or service available for customers to purchase within 12 weeks of you joining the programme.

  2. All Mastermind sessions must be watched and any homework given in that session is completed to the best of your ability and within 6 months of joining.

  3. All 1-2-1’s are completed within a timely manner and any strategies/plans given to you by your mentor are followed and implemented within the business.

  4. Any pledges are submitted into the Telegram group within 48 hours of watching the masterclass session and emailed to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk                                                                                   

  5. You must find an accountability partner (another mentee within the group) within 14 days and email who they are to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk

  6. Your LinkedIn profile is up to date. (Completed after watching the LinkedIn Mastermind session) You have a template message for outreach and you achieve a minimum 2500 connections by the end of your 6 month programme and within 5000 in 18 months of joining

  7. You have a professional company email address, signature and website

  8. Your personal/company branding reflects the business and any logo’s/artwork for marketing purposes are completed.

  9. Confirmation that you have the following domain names .uk .co.uk & .com for your business within 28 days of starting the programme.

  10. Your business social media pages are up to date and in line with the company brand, plus any social media sales strategies learnt within your Mastermind session are implemented.

  11. Any additional online networking events are attended where possible to expand your networking circle and contacts.

  12. You complete a business canvas model & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk – Within 2 months of joining

  13. You complete a marketing plan & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk – Within 2 months of joining

  14. You complete a business plan & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk – Within 2 months of joining

  15. You complete your customer fact find & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk within 6 months of joining

  16. You complete your press release & submit to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk within 6 months of joining

  17. You complete your elevator pitch and submit via Telegram after the personal branding session.

  18. 10 clear business goals must be sent to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk within 28 days of joining the programme

  19. Confirmation that you have an accountant in please within 90 days of starting and emailed to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk

  20. Confirmation you have a trademark in place within 6 months of starting and emailed to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk

  21. Any refund request must be submitted in writing to selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk within 7 days of the elapsed 18 month period, the 18 months commences on the date of the initial payment. 

  22. Confirm you have installed Google Analytics onto your website and confirm to this to us within 6 months by emailing selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk

  23. Confirm you have Crazy Egg Installed on your website and confirm to this to us within 6 months by emailing selfmadepromise@selfmadebook.uk We will give you the tools to succeed and we need you to put the work in to get you to 6 figures.

Refund Policy

  1. All sales are final, we operated a no refund policy.

This deed is delivered by each party when (and shall not have effect until) it is dated.

SIGNED as a DEED by in the presence of Witness: 



Emma Beardsworth


B&B Cole LTD, 85 Great Portland St, London W1W 7LT


Office Manager

Last revised and updated: 10th January 2023


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